Monday, February 6, 2017

Shame on You, Body Shamers

Last night, the New England Patriots won another Super Bowl.  Yawn.  While their victory was marked by an epic second half comeback, the most impressive performance of the night was from Lady GaGa.  
She started the performance from the roof of the dome.  I'm reading today that portion was taped, but still.  Once she landed on stage, she delivered a 13 minute medley of some of her biggest hits.  No need to bring out anyone else - she owned that stage.
Every note was sung live.  She danced her ass off.  Pyro was everywhere.  She played the piano.  GaGa ended the performance in the only way that made sense - by dropping the mic.

So guess what people are talking about today?  Her stomach.  During the live broadcast, she changed from a metallic bodysuit to sparkly bikini bottoms with a midriff baring top resembling football pads.  
GaGa has an incredible body.  Yes, she has curves.  She also has a rock hard physique that is necessary when singing and dancing the way she does all the time.
Apparently, the "internet experts" saw the small amount of skin that protruded from her stomach and appeared over the briefs from the not so flattering angles.  
I won't highlight any of the haters by name on this blog, but the tweets are out there.  Some saying she needs to lose weight and that it was a poor wardrobe choice.
The body shaming has to stop.  People are ignoring all of the great elements of her performance and focusing on an small amount of loose skin.  
Can we just let women be the superstars they want to be without objectifying them?  The average woman already has enough trouble feeling confident in her own skin without all the body shamers out there ripping apart someone that looks like this...Lady GaGa pics - photos courtesy of @womenshealthmag

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