Friday, November 11, 2016

Fall Flavors at The Asbury

About one year ago, I was introduced to The Asbury at The Dunhill Hotel.  A friend and I were looking for a new place to try brunch on a cold, rainy weekend in Charlotte.  We saw online that The Asbury was a top rated brunch spot in Charlotte.  We gave it a chance and it did not disappoint.

Since then, I have returned to the restaurant many times for lunch.  Last night was my first time for dinner at The Asbury.

If you are yet to visit this restaurant, you should know that the cuisine is described as modern Southern.  With a menu that changes each season, you'll never run out of options to try.

Each time I have been to this restaurant I have ordered the deviled egg appetizer.  While a staple on the ever-changing menu, Chef Matthew Krenz prepares them differently each day.  The menu description even lists them as "Chef's whim." 

Last night's variety was served topped with chives and crispy country ham.  The crispiness of the meat was a nice contrast to the creaminess of the egg yolk.  Served as a quantity of four, they are perfect for sharing.

For my main course, I decided to go with the chicken pot pie.  The dish is presented in a deconstructed form thus not served in a pie shell.  For those crust lovers, the chicken and root vegetables are still paired with a biscuit.  The chicken breast is boneless and skinless, but not diced as you would normally see in a pot pie.  The same applies to the whole carrots still intact with a short stem.  While a typical pot pie has a heavy cream base, this dish is resting in a light roasted lemon jus and beets.  Although lighter, the portion size is plentiful and you'll leave feeling full.  I would have liked a little more biscuit to sop up the light sauce and smaller bites, but overall a really nice addition to the current menu.

For those who enjoy a season cocktail with each meal, I highly recommend the Fall Punch.  It is a perfect blend of tequila, elderflower liqueur, apple cider, lemon, and cinnamon.  For those who fear the strong flavor of a tequila, you cannot taste it in this drink. 

The Dirt Candy was recommended to me by the staff, but I thought it might be a bit too thick for a before dinner drink.  This beverage is comprised of gin and sweet potato, orange, and cardamom flavors.

Looking for a non-alcoholic seasonal drink?  They have two options with the Apple Cider Shrub Fizz and the Herbalizer.  The Apple Cider Shrub Fizz got two thumbs up from my pregnant friend.

The fall menu at The Asbury cannot be missed.  It is full of other comfort food options like Shrimp and Grits and Beer-Braised Pork Cheeks.  For the vegetarians, there is a Steamed Babbage Roll that is stuffed with spaghetti squash and mushrooms.

I'm told the winter menu is going through final approval this week which leads me to believe the fall menu won't be around much longer.

On your next trip to Uptown, don't overlook The Asbury on the corner of Tryon and Sixth Streets.  The dining room is small and quaint, but also perfect for group dinners.  The service is always top notch.  The staff is very attentive and educated on the menu.  For those not from Charlotte and also looking for accommodations in Uptown, the restaurant is located inside of The Dunhill Hotel. 

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